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Taobao Changing Faces: Jack Ma Strikes Back

This is a tense war. Several days, all squeezed into a public relations Taobao less than 10 square meters room on the go. They not only major network to monitor the dynamic forum, and had to keep dealing with a large number of telephone, fax and e-mail, which are sent to media across the country documents, statements. Since early September Taobao shielding Baidu search two sides since the escalation of friction, you come to me to this Chamber.

Alibaba Group, the last confrontation with the fierce competition or in 2006, after the C2C market grips with Tencent, Taobao is not only forced to attempt to stop the charges, a large number of net users have also been stolen Tencent pat. Later, Ma lamented: "Tencent attack is always quiet."

Baidu is a barely veiled attack. Back in October 2007, Robin Li said in Hong Kong into the C2C. Today, Baidu's C2C business launching soon.

With Tencent, Baidu's competition history, the Alibaba Group has not prevail. This time, Ma suddenly quite unashamedly shielding Baidu, hidden under the noisy war of words, in fact quietly Taobao change of face. Ma Initiative "winter", and Alibaba Group, the largest impact on B2B business by the winter and paypal is limited by policy uncertainty, Yahoo word of mouth network node is still in the early incubation, the only contrarian Ma Taobao able to take the heavy expansion and integration of resources .

Ma's counterattack

China's major Internet companies service the number of users billions of dollars, only Alibaba hundreds of thousands of business owners rely on service life. Therefore, Tencent, Baidu and other competitors in the field of electronic commerce to expand big time, Alibaba is only limited by the user scale swallow until Taobao has 10 million users and hundreds of millions of product information, Ma had just have the lung power to fight back.

Taobao, but Ma was originally used to stop the infiltration of eBay to Alibaba B2B pieces. Founded in 2003, he Taobao had admitted that "in order to protect Alibaba's B2B, I decided to enter the C2C." Beat eBay, the Ma Taobao position on a new description: "The family in Alibaba, is the big brother, hard breadwinner; Taobao is the younger sister, lively personality, you can buy flowers holding big brother to the skirt, Hong Tousheng, now the junior high school in the future to read Fudan University. "

Just 5 years, Taobao has become the most important one hand Ma weapon. To the end of June 2008, Taobao already has 72 million registered users, including 1.3 million sellers, nearly 20 million active users a day, every day new members up to 10 million in Taobao site traffic among the five domestic name. China's online shopping market grew by more than 5 years of 100%.

Taobao potential is not limited. As of the end of June 2008, the number of domestic Internet users reached 6329 million shoppers, 25% of the total percentage of Internet users. China Internet Network Information Center reports that the first half of 2008, Taobao, the total online shopping market share of 56.3% in the C2C market share is a staggering 83.9%.

September 12, Zhang Yi-Fen was ordered to set up Taobao search business, which is China's Alibaba to give up after Yahoo's search business, search for another attack. Yi-Fen Chang from Taiwan Taobao previously responsible for advertising sales center vice president, also is the Yahoo search for "big sister."

In 2005, Ma has tried to seize the Yahoo search engine market in China, the result is losing, not only in the search market, Yahoo China had also lost the advantage of a good portal. This time, Zhang Yi-fen on Taobao search platform with great satisfaction, "I used to do search engine is estimated that commercial traffic is probably the total flow rate of 1 / 4 to 1 / 3, the other not to make money traffic. And Taobao flow rate of 100% of commercial traffic, and other search engines compared to the profit potential, not an order of magnitude. "

Meanwhile, Ma Ali Group's website advertising the business alliance, "Ali Mama" into Taobao. By Ali Mama, Taobao sellers of advertising, like Google AdSense ads can be the same union, pushed other sites outside Taobao. Taobao is sitting on millions of buyers search forward and attack, retreat to return to the whole network search market sooner or later. At a time when Ma is also considering expanding the community service Taobao, which is home to rival Tencent. To this end, Jack Ma, chairman Shi Yuzhu once the network compete for orders with giant social networking site

Almost overnight, a full Diversification potential Taobao ready to come out. "2 billion yuan to be spent over the next five years, and must invest in technology, innovation, talent introduction, ecological chain buildup." In the July 5, the fifth anniversary celebration Taobao, Taobao Ma announced the additional investment. Ma said that Taobao want to become "the largest online e-commerce service provider."

"To provide basic services of e-commerce, such as product categories, system management, transaction management, payment management, user management, etc., so that these businesses are doing with your platform Ziji things." Taobao president Lu Fu Peng, Li Jie Ma of such platform of the new strategy.


Alibaba Group in-house, then Taobao is the most recognized the growth potential of stocks, the group's resources are flowing Taobao platform. Early September, he went into her mother for Ali Taobao and a message to all employees in the first reference to "big Taobao" strategy, in his view, would "cover 400,000 small and medium sites and 3.0 billion of network traffic per day and 80 million Internet users, "Ali mother into Taobao, Taobao is the big first step towards implementation of the strategy.

Ma also said Taobao charges in the case has not yet started in August has been a balanced budget, its revenue mainly from advertising. In fact, Ma announced before the big strategic Taobao, Taobao, a series of new business has quietly launched a year ago.

Taobao to achieve a balanced budget for advertising revenue, mainly from the similar to Google Adwords the "Taobao through train" service. Responsible for the business, Chang Yi-fen said, "Taobao through train" to promote the past six months, Taobao's nearly 100 million seller in 2% to 3% tried, with Google's keyword advertising, like buying Taobao train the sellers ads position will appear in search results on the right position.

Now, in Silicon Valley has a more than 30 technical team is designed for the Taobao platform and search engine marketing. "The biggest story going to happen, and now I use the technology is 1.0, going into the 2.0 era." Zhang Yi-Fen mock mystery. In her eyes, Taobao is not a C2C e-commerce platform, which is more like a full media platform advertising opportunities.

In fact, long Taobao C2C is no longer a single trading platform. In April 2008, Taobao, Taobao Mall opened, the introduction of brands to begin operating B2C business, Li Ning, Philips, Dell and other brands have settled in Taobao Mall. However, Taobao's B2C and Dangdang not the same, only for the business to provide Taobao trading platform itself is not involved in warehousing, logistics, and then press the different kinds of brand goods, Taobao requested space in the mall business annual minimum flow of 300 million to 7 million yuan, Taobao 3-7% according to the ratio of extraction costs.

Taobao Mall has now entered the brand is not much, because most of these enterprises in the country has established a relatively complete multi-channel system, into the existence of Taobao Learning Network marketing is not only practical problem, more importantly, will be hard earned on the line channel formation price shock. Therefore, the current service Taobao Mall is the second and third line the main users of the brand, not the strength of these brands in the country laying channels can Taobao products spread across the country, and these businesses are also Taobao an important source of search advertising.

Not long ago, news broke Taobao interested in acquiring the largest online toy City Music Amoy network to enrich Taobao B2C business.

By the end of August, Taobao announced the opening up API (application programming interface), welcomed the various service providers around Taobao development of various application software, a move immediately attracted to include more than 90 companies, including Microsoft. However, Taobao's open and not only to attract third-party service providers that simple.

A meeting in early September, the road Peng met the company's COO Li Ning Guo Jianxin, Li Ning is very optimistic about e-commerce, not only in Taobao and other online shop set up storefronts, while also selling products on its Web site. At the meeting, Jian-Xin Guo Peng confided to the way their anguish, as sales of Li Ning's network spread over different sites and different functions, have great difficulties in management. "Sell not sell goods in the end? How much? Inventory How?" Guo Jianxin not timely informed of the detailed information, he can not even see in a report on Li Ning, the overall analysis and comparison of e-commerce.

Guo Jian is the way of new trouble trying to seize new opportunities Peng. In the road view, Taobao Open Platform, and not just open the software service providers, but also on the heavyweights, and even competitors open. In the U.S., retail giant Target when entering e-commerce trading platform is not built, but chose Amazon's technology infrastructure, the management, trading, payment, assessment, recommendation is to be completed through Amazon.

"For these companies, Li Ning, without such a large infrastructure investment, do not have to develop this environment, maintaining and updating it. User management, transaction management and help achieve the underlying from the Amoy Bora, Powered by As you would like to have their own official website, or choose to use Taobao shop elsewhere as you will. I offer highway vehicles, as you pretend to be cargo is your business, where are you willing to do. "Lu Peng explained the case.

Lu Peng attract businessmen Taobao killer is now owned by large consumer behavior data. Today, Taobao day of the data generated by user behavior up to 500G, "such as Taobao you want to open a shop selling glass, for example, you spend 10 dollars, I'll tell you what cup best-selling, what price the most appropriate This is the real place of the user transaction data. "Lu Peng said Taobao user data through research to provide the most professional services to businesses. Present, including Procter & Gamble and other large consumer goods companies to buy Taobao research data.

2.0 Taobao become more plasticity. "Taobao is not in the future to deal with closing costs? Not. Is not closing shop business costs? It may not. Now has a month by advertising flat, advertising alone is not on the list? It may not. This is also an exploration. "Lu Peng told reporters.

All the buyers favor

Taobao's "power" derives from the growth in the number of users, in order to maintain and strengthen this foundation, Taobao's work focus is also inclined to the buyer.

In March 2008 in one night, Taobao, senior director of product development and chief architect of Wang Wenbin, and more than 10 technical staff members are nervously waiting in the office. This night will be the decision "Thousand Island Lake," the key to success of the scheme. "Thousand Island Lake" program is compared Taobao transaction process the entire network for large-scale transformation of the first phase, the buyer had to purchase an Taobao need for cumbersome goods 8 steps in the middle also need to pay the treasure out of the page. Now is different, Wang Wenbin, and technical team prepared six months, plans to shed half of these steps.

Fortunately, the smooth completion of Thousand Island Lake. To August, the third phase of the process of simplification has also announced the successful refund. Wang Wenbin faced with tremendous pressure, two sets of old and new systems are not compatible, once the failure of reform, Taobao will collapse the entire payment system, which he described as "like driving a car for the highway wheels, can not stop."

Alleys are doing all this is to make Taobao buyers have a better user experience. Although Taobao model for the future with uncertainty, but Ma know, the cornerstone of every opportunity to come from the surge in the number of users, to attract and retain more users is the only clear mandate Taobao.

In fact, the first for a long period of time, Taobao's services around the sellers have to implement free policy, the church seller online sales, for the seller to buy Baidu keyword advertising. At that time, Taobao's transaction between the seller and even mainly.

In the United States, Lu Peng is always interesting to hear a case, "to seize the girl, the boys will come." Rare in the networks business when Taobao eyes of the "girls" are the seller, and now the focus of Taobao tilt to the buyer. "Now this girl is the buyer, the buyer Taobao seven to eight million a day, there are 20 million active, such a large buyer groups, consumer purpose is very clear, that is to buy things, then what business do not want to do here business? "Road Peng said," If Taobao important decision to do it the first consideration is the experience of the buyer, the buyer is the most important. "

Taobao's tilt to the buyers is reflected in all aspects of a series of consumer protection, held a variety of promotions, integral activity. In the past, the community is mainly Taobao sellers exchange place, now began to increase Taobao community building and consumer input.

A huge number of buyers for the Ma's strategy of providing large Taobao foundation, but at the same time, let the flow of raging from the old technology platform Taobao overwhelmed. Lu Peng of the most important task is to redesign the underlying structure of Taobao, that this set of services in the past for hundreds of thousands or even millions of millions to meet the needs of users. From the end of last year, Taobao has conducted a series of back-transformation, only the purchase of the server 1, Taobao would increase from less than 8,000 units to 20,000 units. The small two Taobao (Taobao employees unified call) in the past has been one on one, hands-on services used will also be replaced by computers. "Technology and product-driven, this is the future direction of Taobao. Taobao is not operating based company, our operations have been unable to bear such a small amount of two buyers and sellers increase, Taobao to have to face this challenge the time. "Zhang Yi-fen said.

Taobao's executives are more willing to talk about the technical future of Taobao. In the past, mainstream Chinese Internet company, Alibaba Group's technology is not prominent. Technical director, Dr. Lu Peng, a computer background with the United States had built a large-scale projects at Oracle, he was from Silicon Valley, many multinational companies hired technical personnel, he managed the technical team is at an annual rate of more than 100% increase.

Use Taobao search engine, different users arrive at the search results are not, this is Taobao is the implementation of personalized search service, because Taobao through technology can record the registered user's preferences, habits, and browsing history, and then integrated this information to select the search results. The next, each with a different user logs on Taobao, the saw is completely different page.

Taobao is also an open API with the introduction of third-party service Taobao power users, Lu Peng hope that these third-party power to change the "thousands of people side" of the status quo.

Taobao challenge

Fifth in the 20 September Taobao "symposium" on the Feng Qingyang (Ma) led to all the other senior staff Taobao displayed inverted. Inverted World is a new employee into each required course Taobao, can not learn well the inverted within 3 months, will not be able to enter Taobao company.

In the symposium on Taobao nearly 1,400 employees are distributed to the school pointing to the sky, form a large easy to tang 12 "gang", inverted culture, martial arts culture, and Alibaba's "six-pulse Sword" culture, all Ma for the Taobao carefully crafted corporate culture, Ma has even do this with pride, "the formation of such a time when the whole culture, it is hard to be won over. wages higher, he will run back two days."

The rapid expansion of personnel, staff began to feel old Taobao lot of new colleagues into the Taobao difficult to understand and unique corporate culture. "It's there inside diluted culture issue is bigger challenge." Chai, senior manager of Taobao, said Dong.

Not only difficult to integrate into the new issue of the original culture, Taobao also face the problem of corporate culture transformation. With the deepening dependence on the technology, personnel Taobao technology sector growth is much higher than other sectors. According to Lu Peng Introduction, Taobao current technical staff account for Taobao's 20% of total employees, Lu Peng's plan is 40%.

Taobao had been carried on the style of the Alibaba Group. Taobao internal, strong operations, public relations and publicity is the usual advantages of technology sector is not prominent engineer culture. A veteran Internet search technology company CEO did not believe Taobao tilt to the technology, he thought Yahoo's technology to China after Ma's management team is not successful on Alibaba CTO Wu Jiong other search personnel had left the culture of the reasons for the collision. "Technical personnel mouth about the search and others say the search is not is one thing, both difficult to understand each other." He said it was a great challenge.

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Fit, is the best

Selection to integrated assessment

Kang Teer ERP was first contacted in 2005, organized by the company's own team developed a Invoicing systems. With the rapid growth of the company and listing management needs, Kang Teer decision should choose a professional ERP companies, for information management, then they began to selection.

On selection, Kang Teer Electronics Co., Ltd. Information Manager ZHANG Yong said that in the absence of ERP implementation experience of the people, the selection is a very daunting process.

ZHANG Yong-dong said the selection at the beginning, Kang Teer many ERP companies at home and abroad, many of whom are internationally renowned brands such as SAP integrated assessment. But Kang Teer very stressed from the outset, to build a suitable scale and process its own business "fit" ERP project. "Although SAP is a big brand like a very good reputation, but the investment is too large and some smaller, though more expensive ERP products, but it is not conducive to long-term development."

Kang Teer internal assessment being incorporated into the ERP vision brand Le rigorous screening, Bu Jin on the product's reputation in other enterprises and Shi Shi Zhong experience to collect, Erju Huanzaizhexie ERP products in selected cases of successful Ying Yong and Kang Teer similar size to compare companies. In addition, cost considerations for the project implementation consultants and professional experience, Kang Teer is an important factor in selecting partners.

After comprehensive consideration of various aspects, the Kang Teer finally chose Digital's easy to fly ERP. Currently, Kang Teer Invoicing System ERP project, construction of production management system has been completed, the financial system are under construction.

Good use of the "leadership effect"

"ERP is an information system, though, it seems very deep IT application, but the final analysis, they were dealing with things, so, in order to smoothly promote, Bixuyaoyou high-level participation and attention, from the top down in advance. "On the implementation of the experience, ZHANG Yong-authorized or is" number one "project role.

In addition to the boss's approval, the middle-level cadres of the "brainwashing" work is also very important. In summing up the implementation experience, ZHANG Yong highlighted the need to pay attention to nurturing ERP seed.

ERP system is a major enterprise-wide business processes, project engineering, information sector alone the power of a few people, it is difficult to promote timely and effective reform. If you have several seeds in each sector, we can form a spark sufficient to Negative effect and Precaution, greatly reducing the project down the resistance encountered during the advance.

In addition, the seeds are usually the central figure within the department or the management of their training process is often imperceptible process, so that they can reform and innovative high up awareness of the implementation of ERP, ERP is not just an IT aware technology projects, but has the advanced management concept management, ERP implementation will promote the concept of enterprise management update.

Currently, each department Kang Teer company has 2 to 3 ERP seeds, as well the implementation of the Information Ministry aide.

After approval by the boss in order to better promote the EPR implementation at the grassroots level, ZHANG Yong-reward and punishment system is also implemented within the company. According to its introduction, the company strictly enforce the "do today" principle that the documents yesterday, today, must be completed before 12 o'clock, while the afternoon daily by information system data will be checked, for failure to complete the data entry, will be fine processing. Although he acknowledged that doing so will a little early in the implementation of the mandatory mean, however, that mandatory smooth implementation of projects play a crucial role, and data entry to examine the efficiency greatly increased.

As the company's ERP system in the planning and design time can be better integrated into the system over 20 years of management experience, coupled with strict implementation of reward and punishment system, although the process a little rigid, but it makes Kang Teer of the ERP system can more easily was quick to import.

System optimization can not be ignored

Since the code easy to fly God ERP system is imported, the company's process specifications, and data between the various sectors have become transparent and can be shared, greatly shortening the procurement cycle, inventory, greatly reduced. ZHANG Yong disclosed the company's stock six months ago to 200 million yuan, ERP implementation after six months, inventory is greatly reduced to tens of millions, "This is the staff can not match."

The beginning of the line in the system, in order to avoid the system instability caused by data loss, the company has adopted two sets of accounting systems and human practices, "but looking back it is not necessary", ZHANG Yong-joked. After the system on line, most felt, and also the management thinking and management improved.

However, ZHANG Yong also reminded that a lot of CIO in the system after on-line will be greatly relieved, but in fact, the system is more work on the line after the start.

ZHANG Yong said, ERP system is a continuous optimization of the process line in the system about 8 months once the system should be improved. Some companies will process optimization were also cases when the import, but ZHANG Yong suggested that the early implementation of the system into the case should be avoided because it will affect the unity of the system, should be left to develop slowly after the system is stable.

CIO experience:

"Six heart" experience:

Heart: only with the heart to do, information technology project to be successful;

Faith: to believe information system project will be successful;

Sincere: To accept the ERP management thought carefully, but also a team to assist with

Determination: information technology is no turning back;

Perseverance: building ERP system to persevere, not give up halfway;

You mind: to think more of what areas can be improved and optimized.

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Additional team bonus, energy stimulate team

For the marketing team to set the salary system has been discussed for many businesses and headache. If you set a good, you can play a small but powerful chain of effects; if the set is not good, then make the team lifeless, unable to inspire the team dynamic. Now many companies marketing team to set the salary system is generally base salary plus bonus or commission, the basic salary is fixed, while the bonus and commission rate of or are based on sales or profits to reach the floating state. and bonus calculations are set according to some formula, the higher non- the right to determine the distribution of lower bonuses. This is just the hardware evaluation of the marketing team, while the team's cohesion. discipline. team building. execution so they can not use money in the form of assessment. and so it was a blind spot of the assessment team.
So how in the form of bonus marketing team at the same time evaluation of hardware and software, the maximum excitation team dynamic? I believe that the marketing team can effectively set up the team prize to solve this problem. Specifically as follows:
1. Establish the marketing team in various positions in the base of the team bonuses, such as 500 yuan, director of marketing; marketing manager for 400 yuan; marketing director or the Office of the Director of 300 yuan; marketers 200 yuan.
2. Determine the marketing team of software assessment indicators.
3. All the hardware assessment targets marketers pay staff bonuses based on the formula, but the team bonus pay not to be directly calculated.
4. After the end of monthly appraisal software by a higher index based on lower-level team to determine the distribution of bonuses, and pay staff salaries. Should be emphasized that higher levels can only determine the distribution of direct subordinates of the team prize, not leapfrog distribution. Such as marketing general manager only director of marketing team can determine the distribution of bonus, but can not determine distribution, marketing manager of the team bonuses, and so on.
Note: 1. Bonus percentage of total team prize too hard to 5% to 15% more appropriate. If the ratio is too large, it will lead marketers money floating base is too large, is not conducive to marketing team stable and prone to fraud and bribery marketing management phenomena, but the ratio is not easy too low, the ratio is too low there will not achieve the purpose of the assessment team of software.
2. Despite the higher level team can leapfrog to the distribution of bonuses, but the monitor has a responsibility and obligation, once the lower levels found lower in the distribution of bonus among the team of serious anomaly should be ordered to lower-level explanation and correction.
3. To avoid the marketing managers in the allocation of bonuses to team appeared''to do good "for the average distribution of the phenomenon.
This bonus can also be used to set system to other departments, specific methods and issues can refer to the above methods and issues.

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Tencent said the prosecution did not rule out the possibility and Tencent on "Rainbow QQ" war of words re-upgrade. recognition, "Rainbow QQ is a legitimate respective instant messaging supporting software." In response, Tencent response "will make every effort to plug the illegal" and said they did not exclude the use of legal means possible to solve the problem.

Tencent has announced plans to launch a number of measures to shield all illegal QQ plug-in, the main target is to have the "Show IP function", "Show hidden feature" of the rainbow QQ. Later, friends broke the news, rainbow QQ is actually behind the producers CEO Pang Dongsheng. But has denied such claims

However, is a public statement yesterday: "Rainbow software is a legitimate belongs supporting instant messaging software, Tencent no right to arbitrarily identify the Rainbow software illegal." And refers to the software Tencent rainbow of external claims act "and the worm very similar "and" lead to leakage of user information and create security problems "are all false statements," Enterprises can not be too 'QQ'. "

In response, Tencent public hit back: "Tencent will make every effort to safeguard the privacy and information security, illegal plug, actually there are legally registered enterprises engaged in the production of plug-ins, our belief."

Tencent and present a number of operational overlap between, the outbreak of war was both "a battle of wits" due to the escalating. Around the instant messaging tool QQ is Tencent Internet community formed the core of the business, but is the largest outside except Tencent social networking site in July this year, the giant network to 51 million U.S. dollars cash 51.com25% of the shares.

In response, industry analysts point out that the purpose is to plug the rainbow from poached Tencent QQ users, to enrich popularity and cash flow for their contribution. This approach would certainly lead to resentment Tencent. However, legal experts said that under the relevant provisions of the "PW", "external" Internet publishing and other acts of unlawful activities, they should crack down hard. But even to sue Tencent I am afraid not so easy, we must grasp the very solid evidence, while Chen Shoufu and compared on coral QQ, has a stronger background. The two sides of a lengthy legal battle or will this began.

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Music TV infringement trial basis have a special levy to the views of the community

Supreme Judicial Interpretation of the comments to the community 顥?顥?br />
News from the ongoing National Forum on trial court learned of intellectual property, intellectual property rights in our country exist in the trial some of the more prominent legal application, the Supreme Court has drafted concerning unfair competition, infringement of new plant varieties and knowledge property rights conflict, music, television and other issues of judicial interpretation issued and published as soon as possible and strive to implement.

Cao Jianming, vice president of Supreme People's Court said that the current judicial protection of intellectual property rights is still to increase the basic positioning of intellectual property protection efforts. Present, we should focus on solving some of the practice, a more prominent and affect the intensity and level of judicial protection of intellectual property rights play an issue.

First, clear and unified efforts of the trial in the case of judicial principles and policies, and strive for the relevant judicial interpretations promulgated and implemented as soon as possible; second appeal before the full system of the unique role of interim measures; third is to further intensify efforts to tort liability, rights of people can request is based on the statutory compensation scheme to determine the amount of compensation, the effective protection of rights holders, from the economy and sanctions against the infringer; four trials in the intellectual property rights and reasonable use of scientific evidence in principle; 5 is an open intellectual property rights referee instruments, the full implementation of the trial the principles of openness and transparency; 6 is actively cooperating in the state IP strategy research the topic, scheduled to complete the IPR judicial protection mechanism of sound research and other topics.

鎹粙缁嶏紝鏈夊叧鍙告硶瑙i噴宸蹭簬锛戯紤鏈堬紤锛樻棩璧锋寮忓悜绀句細鍏紑寰佹眰鎰忚锛屽彲鍦ㄤ腑鍥芥硶闄㈢綉涓婃煡璇㈠埌銆?The forum will also focus on issues in which to discuss and propose amendments.


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Swift DVD to Xbox Flash

Swift DVD to Xbox Flash is a professional video converter to convert almost all popular video/movie formats to Xbox MP4 format. The output Xbox MP4 video files can be played on your Apple Xbox. All popular video/movie formats are supported, including AVI, MPEG/MPG/DAT, WMV, ASF, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, H264, MPEG4, AVC, MOV, QT, DivX, XviD, VOB, FLV, etc. The amazing output quality with super fast conversion speed is brough you by the built-in power MPEG4 encoder. All the output Xbox MP4 videos fit your Apple Xbox.

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LasVegas Flash to Mobile

LasVegas Flash to Mobile is an All-in-One solution to create Mobile Phone 3GP movies from DVDs, TV shows and downloaded videos. The software combines Flash to Mobile Converter and 3GP Video Converter in one package for discounted price. The software is easy to use. It features superb video audio quality and the fastest conversion techniques availabe on the market (Up to 3x faster).

LasVegas Flash to Mobile easy converts all popular video formats such as AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, RM, MPG, MOV, MPEG (and many more) videos into Mobile Phone 3GP format. Watch movies on the road. Support all mobile phones with 3GP video capability. The software is very easy to use. It compresses a full lengh movie into small size which can be fitted in a 128MB memory card. Carry your movie theater on the go! Watch movies anywhere, anytime - a new life style.

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